Once a year in winters and on the middle of the continually rising and falling stark yellow sands of the great Thar Desert, the empty sands around Jaisalmer come alive with the brilliant colour, music and laughter of the Desert Festival. The festival is organised by the tourist authorities as tourist entertainment around January-February.

The public areas of camp consist of an open-air restaurant which offer fabulous views of the Desert. The Camp comes alive in the evening with campfire, mashaals, musicians, dancers, camel safaris & traditional live cultural entertainment.

The camp tents are luxury Swiss Cottages with all the modern amenities. The tents are comfortable and spacious. Rooms are carpeted and tastefully furnished demonstrating many of the skills, and designs of the local handicrafts combined with the best and most modern amenities.

All the tents have attached toilets with running water and hand showers. Running water is provided not only at base camp, but also on the mobile camps while on a camel safari, enabling the guests to have a good shower after a dusty safari.

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The large fully enclosed dining tent caters to large groups and has a seating capacity of 80 to 90 guests. A typically evening while on a safari - Camp fire with live entertainment by the "kalbeliya" dancers. We are an organization that understands hospitality and loves to pamper it's guests.

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